P.O. Box 234 Thorp WI 54771 United States
P.O. Box 234 Thorp Wisconsin 54771 US

Small rescue operation run by me and my 2 awesome daughters. We are a 501c3 non-profit, tax exempt organization, helping one animal at a time. Their lives are in our hands. We are their guardians, WE ARE THEIR VOICE. We are a small foster based dog rescue. Rescuing and placing dogs into foster and forever homes. We pull dogs from shelters, rehab puppy mill dogs and take in owner surrenders. The three of us started out by volunteering at the local shelter. By volunteering at the shelter we realized we needed to do something. At first we just started by taking in animals that people didn’t want. They would stay here at our home. As the need started to grow so did we. Now we have a wonderful group of amazing fosters, volunteers and transporters! We are state licensed and inspected. Since we started we have adopted out 170 dogs and counting. We also advocate for spaying and neutering your pet(s) and adopting instead of buying.

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