Cottonwood Shores, TX, USA

WE are a small group of men and women working together to save the lives of abandoned and lost animals. We spay and neuter, we tend to their needs. From hand feeding motherless babys , fixing broken bones, nursing in sickness, trainig because of bad habits. Most of our animals go to no kill shelters in Austin. We have been doing this for 7 years ,we started out with just two or three helpers and now have 9. We all so work with other rescue groups Hill Country Cats, Happy Dog, Highland Lakes S.P.C.A. To form a coalishin/ Because most of our animals go to NO KILL Shelters like Willomson county Humain sco.We have have only a few to adopt But the aira is growning and more and more we are finding that we need to do more Adopting/

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