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We are now a NON PROFIT and a unique rescue in that all our dogs are here (only older dogs or dogs here more than6 weeks are fostered to give them a break). We KNOW our dogs, we study and understand dog behaviour and we are able to correct problems and teach you to avoid them. Unlike other rescues who will adopt an inappropriate dog to you because saving the dog at any cost is what they’re about – the cost of course is ALWAYS YOURS – emotional, financial even physical and who abandon you at the first sign of trouble we aren’t like that. We want the adoption to work, we know people and we know dogs, we know how to match people’s needs to a dog’s needs and you aren’t dumped after you adopt – we’re still here ready to help. We provide consulting and tools to prevent, avoid and fix problems, we hold seminars to teach you dog behaviour. We have maybe a 1 in 40 dogs ‘return rate’ because we match well and we care about the dogs and about you getting the right dog and the dogs getting the right people.

Beware flipping for profit.

This ‘rescue’ is known for only pulling easily adoptable dogs from shelters whom already have all vet work done/paid for (already fixed, vaccinated, HW tested, microchipped, etc) and will force other volunteers and other non-profits to cover any costs of pull fees, transporting, etc.   They get their dogs for free, from shelters that do not even euth. adoptable dogs, (low/no-kill shelters) and flip the dogs for $500 each.  In short, they have very little costs out of pocket, put bare minimum into their ‘facility’ and make a healthy income from adoption fees and donations.

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