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Millington Animal Safe Haven Canine Rescue - MASH

Millington, TN 38053, USA

Millington Animal Safe Haven is a group of volunteers in Millington, Tennessee and the surrounding areas who are devoted to loving and saving dogs! Dogs are special beings that God placed here to be “man’s best friend”. They give unconditional love to humans all over the world! We welcome those that want to participate in our mission to love, save, heal and find a “forever home” for each of our rescued pups. We foster them in our homes so we know their personalities and where they will fit in with a new family! MASH pledges to always tell the absolute truth about our dogs ready for adoptionl!! Mission and Vision Statement: “A righteous man regards the life of his animals.” (Proverbs 12:10) The Millington Animal Safe Haven 2020 Vision carries with it promise and devotion to the dogs we save and care for in our homes and at MASH. This vision is based on the work of our body of volunteers. MASH is supported by every volunteer’s pledge to dog rescue and our individual actions are freely given to achieve our belief that we have a duty to provide loving and humane care and treatment for one of God’s great gifts to mankind, the devoted and loyal family dog. Our Vision will be accomplished through the following: I. Establish a site to provide safe haven; a place for secure intake of rescued dogs where love is given as each dog’s specific needs are identified and care is given as work is done to find each dog a “forever home”. II. Secure a place for Millington Animal Safe Haven’s rescued dogs, volunteer workers and prospective families to come together. A place where life is positive, uplifting and fun. A comfortable environment for people and dogs to play, meet and greet. III. M.A.S.H. will work to raise public awareness by communications, fundraising, public functions, adoption days and working in coordination with other local groups in the City of Millington and the surrounding areas to advance the needs of dogs identified by this mission. We will focus on providing humane treatment and “forever” homes for the rescued dogs in need. Millington Animal Safe Haven-MASH will work to increase sponsorships, donations and build the number of volunteers/foster homes to care for the needy dogs now and in the future.

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