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Mixed Mutts

Mixed Mutts came about when, as volunteers for a breed-specific rescue, we saw the need for a mixed-breed rescue. Rescues tend to be breed specific or rescue only from the shelter. We found a need for the placement of mixed breeds due to all the calls from people needing to place pet dogs they could no longer keep, or dogs they had found but could not keep when the owners could not be located, and didn’t want to take them to the county shelter. We also rescue dogs from shelters, as the shelters will often call if they have a dog whose time has run out and is “just too good to put down”. On many occasions, we’ve gone for one dog we were called to pick up and ended up bringing home two (the shelters are great at letting us take as many as we want, which is hard because we want to take them all). The dogs are in foster homes and treated as part of the family until adopted by their forever home.

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