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NikaPower, Inc DBA The Rescued Pup Boutique

220 Rotanzi Street, Ramona, CA 92065, USA
220 Rotanzi Street Ste A Ramona CA 92065 United States

Our rescue is NikaPower, Inc. We used to hold our adoption events at pet stores, through private showings and public events. However, this proved to be extremely stressful for our dogs (all but the private showings). We started searching for a physical store front and found the perfect spot by our home. This was the birth of The Rescued Pup Boutique. We had to increase our adoption fees to cover our expenses, but so far it has been working out great. We have placed over 60 dogs since February of this year. we chose to name our adoption center something different than the name of our rescue, to help with marketing and to make it clearer what we were doing. At our location we also have boutique items for sale and all of the proceeds go to help our rescue efforts. We are all volunteers that work for free at the shop. We feel it is a great opportunity to get the public involved in volunteering to help animals, we also work to educate about the importance of shots and fixing pets in addition to microchip. Our location is in a more rural part of San Diego, but we are attracting visitors from all over. Our dogs come to the shop everyday and go home at night with their fosters. None of our dogs are kept in shelter type of accommodations. When visitors come to our shop they are welcome to play with, walk, cuddle, brush or just hang out with the dogs. We have a couch that the dogs are allowed on so the humans can visit. We have a solid following of frequent flyers that come solely to play with the dogs. We encourage this because it helps our dogs to be socialized and the dogs are offering their services back to the community. Nothing like stopping by after a long day of work to de-stress with a dog!

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