Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Noah's Animal Haven, Inc.

Milan, IN 47031, USA

My husband (Aiden) and I (Nicole) are lifelong Animal lovers. Aiden, now serving as a SFC in the US Army, owned over 200 snakes throughout his high school career. He was the Ohio State Champion for the science Olympiad in reptile and amphibians his sophomore and junior year in high school. Before leaving for his military training he donated most of his snakes to the Dayton Museum of Natural History. Aiden has volunteered at a shelter in Dayton, Ohio while on leave and rescued two dogs, which are still with us today. I, currently a mother and housewife, have always had a soft spot for the small and cuddly. I also am in love with horses of all sorts. I was always begging to keep little moles and shrews, kittens and puppies, horses and any other furry thing I saw. My horse career took off when I started volunteering for the Madison County Police Department Horse Patrol. I was 14. The man in charge didn’t think I would last a week…I outlasted him by 2 years, with a total of 3 years in. We are still good friends. Since then I’ve worked for several stables and a racetrack. When my son was born that slowed down and is now at a stand still but my heart is still with it. Our son (Noah) is an energetic little boy with a heart of gold. He loves any creature that is put before him. His passion is fish. He can’t write his ABC’s but he can tell you almost every fish in the ocean! For the past 3 years, Aiden and I have taken in several animals, cared for and either kept or adopted out to loving homes. This is our families’ goal; to take in any creature in need, with out prejudice of species or breed. If we lack the ability to care for a particular animal then we will work our best to find the help that it so desperately needs. No animal should be left behind.

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