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On The Fifth Day

ON THE FIFTH DAY (animal sanctuary) was born in 2003 from a divine inspiration. Since then, paperwork, planning, forming a board, studying, training, having a baby, and more paperwork have taken place. Together, the positive force and momentum attained by standing firm in our vision and focusing on the basics — namely, the love for animals – will be one that cannot be reckoned with. Animals without homes and the overpopulation challenges have solutions. In ten years, On The Fifth Day will be a sanctuary for abused domestic, farm and wild animals. We will have two full-time veterinarians, interns, vet technicians, volunteers, and a staff consisting of persons from all walks of life; including, members of the Deaf culture, chemically imbalanced persons, and people who are hearing. There will be a gift shop, an animal cemetery for sanctuary residents, a 5-acre park with a no-leash law, aqua therapy for senior dogs and breeds with joint pain, The Cat House, multiple dog colonies, Sit’nStay Café — serving coffee and Vegan treats, community involvement, workshops, classes, training of both people and animals, lectures, and much more in order to give back and to honor, to fundraise ensuring the sanctuary stays into perpetuity, and to teach the sanctuary’s common threads: Loving all of God’s creatures by the way we act. It will be an entity whose name everyone knows because of its revolutionary good works for animals and for being kind to those who work within its boundaries and to those who grace the doorway. Although the grounds will always be community-driven with the animals living cage-free, the highest goal will be to have no more homeless animals through: Education for all ages, spaying or neutering every animal and finding quality homes for them, and creating more foster homes. No goal of this magnitude is completed alone; therefore, every effort will be made until unity is achieved between On The Fifth Day and: Veterinarians, Shelters, Animal control, Individual rescuers, Spay and neuter facilities, and Citizens. Together, the positive effect of combining forces and loving animals will be one that will end mass euthanasia and one that indifference cannot penetrate. Now, we need to build the ark. And we need your help.

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