Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Passion for Pooches Rescue

Texarkana, TX, USA

We are a small group with only a few volunteers. We only have 3 to 5 dogs in our foster care at any given time. We offer assistance to individuals that have dogs/puppies they cannot find a home for and contact us for placement assistance. We also visit the local animal shelter and select dogs/puppies to providing veterinary care, place in foster home and find adopters. We do this due to a deep love for dogs that has been ever present in my life. I am retired and this is my passion. I am also a board member and the local animal shelter. It is my personal goal to help animal overpopulation by doing my part to spread the word to spay/neuter while helping find homes for abandoned/needy dogs.

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