Bealeton, VA 22712, USA
PO Box 738 Bealeton Virginia 22712 United States

Paws for Seniors is an all volunteer rescue group in Fauquier County, VA. Dedicated to caring for and finding homes for senior dogs and cats, aged seven years and older where they can live out their golden years with dignity and love through rescue, foster, adoption, and hospice. The Problem For any number of reasons senior dogs and cats are given up by, in many cases, the only family they have ever known. More often then not, they end up in animal shelters. Our Philosophy & Goals We believe that senior dogs and cats deserve a safe and caring environment in which to live out their golden years. We formed, Paws For Seniors, to help find these homeless pets a home where they can live out their remaining days with love and dignity. We do not believe that we are “in competition” with rescue groups and shelters but “in concert”. We all have the same goal of helping animals in distress, caring for them, and finding “furever” homes. We believe that pet companionship is key to keeping our aging society young at heart! We will work to match senior dogs & cats with senior citizens, while considering the needs of both. We will work with rescues/shelters to network and cross-post Senior Dogs and Cats in their care to aid in finding a permanent home. We will establish a network of foster homes, including Senior Citizens to provide a safe and caring environment for pets in need while waiting for their forever homes. This would be a win-win situation for seniors that would love a pet but cannot afford the expense. The foster home provides the love and daily care to a Senior Dog or Cat in need. “Paws For Seniors” provides the food, pet meds and vet care while looking for a forever home. In some cases our Foster Home providers may become “permanent” fosters. We will establish a program to aid Senior Citizens to keep the companionship of the pets they currently have. We will work to bring awareness and educate the public on humane animal welfare issues.

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