Hinsdale Road, Winchester, NH 03470, USA

We are a small family run rescue that is working hard with a network of other rescues in New England, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, with the intent of saving southern dogs from rural county high kill shelters with only a 10% chance of being adopted or rescued. These shelters use barbaric and inhumane means for euthanizing, such as the gas chambers and heart stick; it is a painful and cruel way to die. The animals that are transported up here live with us in our home as part of our family. Our young children work with them daily to help socialize them and prepare them for family life with younger children. We have our own pack that we socialize them when they get here. We work a great deal on trust with them. In no time with food & water in their tummies and a warm and comfortable place to sleep with a bit of kindness and a gently hand these special babies come around into the most wonderful companions. These animals are so grateful for your kindness they give it back ten full and more. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING TO ADOPT, AND SAVE A LIFE!

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