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RAIN Humane Society

Callahan, FL 32011, USA
PO Box 587 Callahan FL 32011 United States

1. Care for the animals in residence: We have purchased 13 acres in Callahan and made it our headquarters and forever home along with being a safe haven for the animals that pass through the RAIN organization. From this location, which is centrally located in Nassau County, we are able to service the entire county with ease. 2. Educational Program: RAIN experienced its third year of speaking to over 1100 fifth graders, with approval from the Nassau County School Board and several private area schools. This program includes basic pet care, hurricane procedures, wildlife, vet visits, adoption, Rabies protocol, and volunteerism. RAIN was joined this year with special guest speakers Nassau County Commissioner Mike Boyle and Dr. Jennifer Farrin from Fernandina Beach Animal Clinic. We will be expanding this program to other grades as funding becomes available. 3. RAIN Train Transport/Rescue Program: Transporting animals from Nassau County Animal Services (county animal control) along with many of the strays in our area, onto humane societies and SPCAs in the Southern United States that are in need of adoptable animals. Many of these receiving rescues are located in areas where strict spay/neuter laws and low-cost spay/neuter clinics exist. The current total of animals that has been passengers on the train for May 2009/April 2010 is 743. May 2010-present is 233 4. RAIN Food Chain Program: RAIN has teamed up with the Gleaners Food Distribution out of Jacksonville Florida, to help assist county residents through these tough economical times. Every Wednesday evening the Gleaners provide a hot meal to the community of Nassau from the Fairgrounds, and RAIN has committed to attending one Wednesday a month and pass out pet food to pet owners. This program reaches over 250 families in our area. 5. Operation RAINDROP: Assist in DROPPING the intake of unwanted animals and euthanasia in our community, through sterilization. RAIN utilizes the new First Coast No More Homeless Pets spay/neuter clinic located in Jacksonville, Florida. RAIN advertises/promotes the service, arranges appointments and transport animals to and from the clinic, for the residents of Nassau County, along with Camden and Glynn Counties of Georgia. RAIN also offers additional 24-48 hours of recovery at the RAIN recovery unit in Callahan at no cost. 347 animals have been sterilized since the program first launched in Aug. 2009. 6. Houses 4 Hounds: Providing dog houses to pets that have no shelter. RAIN has teamed up with the students of the Nassau County High School wood shops and Habitat for Humanity to build dog houses with the supplies RAIN will provide. Through this team effort, pets all over our county who live outdoors 24/7, will receive shelter from the elements and a place to call home. 7. RAIN has joined the team of Pedigree, Winn Dixie, and Tampa Bay Humane Society to help our troops in their time of need. Together with these two great companies, and one of our sister rescues, RAIN assist military people, who are being deployed out of the country for active duty, help find a foster parent for their pet. The RAIN Foster Coordinator is located in Nassau County, but has enlisted foster parents and applicants for the program throughout the entire United States. RAIN successfully matches pets with fosters until our service men and women return home to them safely. RAIN is proud and honored to have been bestowed this task in helping our country and the people who serve it. To become a foster parent, please go to fostermilitarypets.com or e-mail nassaurain@gmail.com We do it this job of animal rescue to help improve and save the lives of innocent animals. Our motto that we live by is that, saving one animal will not change the world, but surely, for that one animal, the world will change forever…

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