Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Rowe Meek Ranch & Rescue

Browerville, MN 56438, USA

Our rescue is not yet non profit but we are working on incorporating and registering as non profit and our goal is to have this done in the next three months the latest. We also do our rescue on straight volunteer basis all funds towards the rescue go right back for the rescue. No one gets paid in our rescue group and we run our rescue out of our homes and with fosters who are screened and animals are matched to the fosters that each foster can be of most benefit for that animal. All our animals are being spayed/neutered and vaccinated before they are rehomed and those too young to spay or neuter will have to have adopter sign a contract to have pet spayed or neuter when of age. We promote microchipping and spay/neutering of pets and keeping them current on vaccinations and plan a future program of trap/neuter/release of free roaming cats. We have also been working on setting up classes to help educate people about behavior issues and what can cause them and some things that might help correct them, and offer some grooming services. We also connect with and help other rescues if there is a need.

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