Palm Beach, FL 33480, USA
PO Box 2444 Palm Beach Florida 33480 United States

We were founded in 1972 by Gertrude Maxwell exclusively for the humane care and treatment of animals and states our purposes as follows: A. Subscribe to and maintain the principle that spaying & neutering of companion animals is the only effective and humane way to end pet over-population. B. Subscribe to and maintain the principle that animal euthanasia shall not be performed simply because there are too many animals. “No-kill means that animals are not destroyed except in cases of terminal and painful illness, when compassion demands euthanasia because there is no reasonable alternative.” C. Find suitable homes for animals sheltered by S-A-P and its foster homes. D. Provide funds for emergency veterinary care for financially challenged individuals. E. Conduct programs designed to promote the kind treatment of animals and the prevention of cruelty to animals.

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