Saint Marys College, 95 Raywick Road, Lebanon, KY 40033, USA
95 Raywick Rd St. Mary Kentucky 40033 United States

Marion Adjustment Center has partnered with our local animal shelter and community of volunteers. Second Chances Canine Program provides shelter dogs a ‘Second Chance’ which in return help our inmates strive to re-direct their own lives. Our number one goal is saving the lives of dogs and reducing the number euthanized each year. However, we are equally committed to help inmates learn needed skills such as responsibility, patience, compassion, appropriate job and social skills as well as gaining a sense of giving ‘something’ back to society. Our program understands than an obedience-trained dog reduces the risk of owners surrendering their pet to local animal shelters. As a mutual rehabilitation program, our aim is for both inmate and dog to become good citizens

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