Atlanta, GA 31141, USA
Post Office Box 941591 Atlanta Georgia 31141 United States

SNAP was born from a group of friends who were assisting with no-kill shelters in metro Atlanta for many years. Collectively, we have seen multiple abuse cases and countless emails that circulate daily concerning animals needing to be saved from euthanasia in local shelters. While we feel that no-kill shelters are needed, we also feel more attention needs to be focused on low cost spay/neuter options and to educate pet owners about spaying and neutering, to prevent the problem from persisting. SNAP’s main goal is to offer spay/neuter services to anyone with an animal needing to be fixed. Our second goal is to assist those in the rescue community and the community at large with managing feral cat populations by providing much needed food and spay/neuter services, to help decrease the growing number of homeless and unwanted pets in the Atlanta area and state of Georgia. We also want to educate Georgians about the need for TNR and for spaying and neutering. While great steps have been taken, much more needs to be done to save the counties of Georgia from wasting millions of dollars each year euthanizing unwanted cats and dogs. Together we will make the difference by helping to combat and eventually stop pet overpopulation through spay/neuter assistance and by raising community awareness.

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