8928 N County Road 600 East, Evanston, IN 47531, USA
8928 N CR 600 E Evanston Indiana 47531 United States

My mother, Toni Garland, and I, Leah Corsaro, fell into the rescue business when people started bringing us dogs out of desperation. Spencer County has no animal control. The local “Humane So.” only takes in dogs under a year old and does not have a facility. We help people because people have to have a place to turn when they can no longer keep their pets, or when they find an animal they would like to help but can’t. We care for the animals because they deserve it. We do whatever is necessary and legal to help people help animals. We offer training advice and assistance, and continuing service long after an adoption contract is signed. We believe people come first because it’s the people who care for the animals. We do everything in our power to ensure the animals are cared for with respect to their natural needs and instincts. When they leave us, they are happy, healthy, well-balanced, trained dogs.

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