Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

The Heavenly Orphans Project - PHPR

10051 Kitty Ave. Chicago Ridge IL 60415 United States
10051 Kitty Ave. Chicago Ridge Illinois 60415 US

The employees of Pawsitively Heaven Pet Resort adore their rescued foster dogs, who have become part of the family.? However, if good homes could be found for each dog we would all be ecstatic!? These dogs are adoptable and are very good dogs just looking for someone to take them home for good. PHPR sometimes sponsors a fundraising event?to keep our orphans in food and veterinary visits but mostly undertakes their support directly. If you’d like to be an angel please stop in, meet these worthy pets and see if one of them would make you a good companion!? If you’d like to donate to their cause, The Heavenly Orphans Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (27-1121272.)

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