Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Tri County Animal Rescue Center

7120 Tenth Division Court Fort Benning GA 31905 United States
7120 Tenth Division Court Cusseta Georgia 31905 US

We are a non-profit rescue facility dedicated to the care, rehabilitation and proper rehoming of domestic animals. Located in Mauk & Fort Benning, GA. Contracted for stray removal, surrenders and adoptions in Fort Benning. Visit us every Friday and Saturday from 1100 am to 4:30 pm or contact us at 706-326-7196 to make an appointment. Feel free to contact us for directions. We have a number of our adoptable pets there every weekend. If you are interested in a particular animal you have seen on-line, give us a call and we can make arrangements for them to be at available for you to meet

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