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Trinity GAP Club

500 North Industrial Boulevard, Euless, TX 76039, USA
500 N. Industrial Blvd. Euless TX 76039 United States

The Trinity Girls Awareness Program, or GAP Club, is an organization, which not only focuses on girls’ issues, but also makes them aware of their community and hopefully makes them better students and citizens. As part of the community awareness, we have been the official sponsor of the Euless Animal Shelter for the past six years. It is our goal to help the shelter adopt pets and find forever homes or fosters so they will not be put down. We do this through networking, pet adoption sites, and raising funds to lower the cost of spaying/neutering, in addition to vaccinating the shelter pets for parvo and distemper. We have also helped with heartworm treatment and various other medical costs of animals in need. Our sponsors visit the shelter at least once a week to update pictures, shots, and check on the dogs and cats. We take the GAP girls twice a month so they can volunteer and understand why we sponsor pets and have fund-raises. The shelter’s euthanasia rate has dropped dramatically since we have been working with them. We owe a lot of this to networking and the internet. I personally get a lot of satisfaction out of working with the shelter and the animals because the animals can’t help themselves and they seem so genuinely grateful when you give them even just the littlest bit of attention and love. The best feeling is when you see a family or single person find that “perfect” pet that they have been looking for and the animal has found a wonderful forever home!

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