Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Our Successes

Save A Rescue Successes


SaveARescue offers the largest listings of dogs and cats, your #1 petfinder, adoptapet, all paws solution for the public at large.


Staff here at SaveARescue are Pet Rescue & Pet Industry experts and we’ve discovered a couple ‘missing links’ in the rescue arena that we are filling in.  All the dumped, abandoned dogs and cats out there not on our radar until they come across someone’s property or are seen by a pet caring person who Googles us, our Toll Free “Hotline” phone number, basically the “911” for dog & cat emergencies serving the entire country including Canada and we can find immediate resources to help ‘save’ the situation.  We are averaging 35-50 ‘saves’/day.


SaveARescue is proud to say we have saved more than 6,000+ cats and dogs in 3 short years, and we are the ‘missing link’ in several areas of the rescue arena.


We are saving dozens of dogs and cats every day that ‘aren’t on the radar’ ~ not currently safe with Rescues & Shelters.  The 100’s of dogs and cats dumped and abandoned in the rural areas of America, in the deserts, swamps, woods, highways and everglades… rally together other Rescues, Shelters, pet professionals and passionate volunteers in the area where once informed, pet rescue personnel become willing participants to “Save The Day” and help in whatever manner they can provide assistance to and for and create immediate solutions that will create safe havens for dogs & cats in life threatening situations.

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