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Our Website

Save A Rescue Website

Our website lists up to 125,000 Adoptable Dogs & Cats and our sources update in “Real Time” the newest adoptees and delete Dogs & Cats that have found their forever homes.  So browse our website and discover all the wonderful pets in your community that are in need of finding a new ‘pack’ leader.


Our Founder is a Dog Behavioral expert and developed a great “Dog Quiz” for those interested in committing to adopting a Rescue.  Discover the best ‘fit’ and type of dog with the characteristics that will be suit your lifestyle today.


In love with a particular Breed?  Great!  Discover just how many Pure Breed Rescue Organizations rescue the breed you have a passion for.  We list over 8,000+ Pure Breed Rescues.  35% of all dogs relinquished into Shelters are Pure Breeds ~ looking to be loved again by someone like yourself.


This website lists over:


  • 22,000+ Rescue Organizations & Shelters Nationwide & Canada
  • 8,000+ Pure Breed Dog Rescue Organizations
  • 100,000+ Adoptable Dogs and Cats to browse on our website & APP, all looking to be adopted.
  • 3,800+ Animal Controls listed
  • 100,000+ Pet Services, in 18 Categories, including Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinics, Emergency Vets, Animal Controls, etc.

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