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SaveARescue has Relationships with over 2,000+ Rescues & Shelters Nationwide who we have partnered with and continue to work with in helping them be more successful.  Below is a smattering of some of them.


Los Angeles Animal Shelters (9)

SAN PEDRO - 07/28/09 - (SCOTT VARLEY/Daily Breeze) Area animal shelters have been experiencing a feline population explosion. The Harbor shelter was built with 24 cat kennels and they currently are housing 104 cats and kittens. Animal control technician Adan Lozoya feeds and cleans the kennels in the cat viewing room.

Ventura County (3)

Homeless dogs behind fence in shelter

Riverside County (3)


Kern County (3)


Orange County (3)

Adoption specialist Maria Salgado opens the door to play with "Turtle," a five-year-old pitbull-terrier mix, available for adoption at Best Friends Pet Adoption in Mission Hills, Wednesday, July 3, 2013. (Michael Owen Baker/L.A. Daily News)

San Diego County (3)


San Bernardino County (4)

2 dogs

Fresno County (1)

Merced County (1)

The Only “911” / 24/7 ~ 35 Live Connection for Emergency Dog or Cat Life Saving Solutions


SaveARescue, a 501 [c] 3 Non-Profit Organization, is operated by a dedicated group of women and men (73+) unpaid Volunteers around the country, who passionately care and donate their time to make a difference in the unnecessary euthanasia of way too many dogs & cats in our over crowded shelters, and in circumstances that require our help to create safe, new, loving havens for them.

We are the “911” Call In Center, for any dog or cat emergency, and we immediately reach out to Rescue organizations and businesses [Vets/Boarding Kennels/Trainers, etc] in the area of concern and take massive action to save the dogs/cats in life threatening situations.  We do this every day, 24/7 ~ 365.  every day, many of us fulltime, others parttime, to ‘pull’ and save dogs & cats from “death’s door”, whatever, wherever the situation[s] warrant our expertise to help.


Along with our user friendly new website that is a  Service Directory listing all the Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters nationwide & Canada, along with being your only source to find any Animal Control in every county and our expansive listing of Pet Services in 18 categories, our main goal is to “Shine The LIght on these harding & well meaning dog & cat Rescues & Shelters ~ supporting them, marketing them to their communities all in with the hopes that more pet lovers will rescue, foster, volunteer and most importantly adopt these wonderful animals that so need our help.


We are big advocates and supporters to educate the importance of Spaying & Neutering, the foundation to successfully diminishing and eradicating the killing of 7,000 – 11,000 dogs and cats, every day, in our over crowded shelters.


Re-Location Saves Lives

We are now taking ‘massive action’ to create another source to saving these dogs & cats in peril of being euthanized every day by organizing, coordinating and creating transporting from High Kill Shelters in California up to our new ‘partners’ in the Pacific NorthWest ~ Dog & Cat Rescues, Shelters and Sanctuaries that have room and can house and re-home and give each dog and cat a new lease on life with loving new, responsible, pet owners.

Natural Disaster Coordinating Pet LIfe Saving Operations

We will be partnering in the future with the American Red Cross to coordinate and save pets before, during and after Natural Disasters, wherever needed.

Puppy Mill ~Breeding Female Rehabilitations

In 2018 we will be implementing a new “Furry Foster Family Progrram” where we will be coordinating underground saving breeding female dogs used in Puppy Mills around California that will be slaughtered with the implementation of Bill 485 [which we helped get signatures for and got passed] that will now ban the sale of puppies, kittens and bunnies in retail pet stores, unless they are obtained from Shelters.  Our program will coordinate saving these breeding females, mostly Yorkies, Malteses’ and Shih Tzu’s, set them up in Foster Homes to be rehabilitated into our lifestyles vs. the life they’ve lived in a chicken wire kennel, breeding non-stop, never have been held, cuddled or walked on a leash and forced to raise their puppies in their own feces and urine.  We believe we can save more than 100 with even just one Rescue we are partnering with, and many more Rescues we can set up with funding to bring in trainers, supply food, bedding and vet bills with the end result of placing them in forever permanent loving homes.

All Donations made to Save A Rescue, Inc. will be used to save more dogs & cats and your donations is completely tax-deductible.

Tax EIN # 46-1375015.


Since August, 2015, we have saved the lives of more than 2,671 dogs & cats around the nation. Please join us.  We rely completely on donations for crates, food, blankets and transportation costs.


SaveARescue.org,  1014 S. Westlake Blvd., Ste. 14-193, Westlake Village, CA. 91361

A 501 [c] 3 Non-Profit Organization:  EIN #:  46-1375015


Please feel free to reach out to me, anytime, to discuss.  Thank you so much!!!!

Beverly Gun-Munro, 818.300.4616 anytime to discuss.

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