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Spaying & Neutering

Benefits of Spay and Neuter

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Spaying or neutering your pet eliminates or reduces a wide variety of health problems that can be very difficult and expensive to treat, such as many types of cancer, tumors, and other serious health complications. Spayed and neutered animals no longer feel the need to roam seeking a mate, so they have less chance of being involved in fights or traumatic injuries. Also, infections, abscesses, diseases such as feline leukemia virus and feline AIDS (transmitted by fighting), and other contagious diseases are greatly reduced in altered cats, which helps avoid expensive vet bills while extending their life span.
After euthanasia, cancer is the number-one killer of cats and dogs. Yet a onetime surgery can prevent most of these deaths. I can’t tell you how many times devastated owners have said to me, “Nobody ever told me about the health risks of not spaying or neutering my pet.”
Spaying or neutering your cat or dog leads to better health, longer life, peace of mind, and foolproof birth control that lasts a lifetime. The average life span of an altered pet is 40% longer than one that’s not spayed or neutered, and the overall effects of spaying or neutering will positively influence your pet’s behavior. This simple procedure will save you and your pet from unnecessary suffering and unexpected financial burdens. No need to hesitate, ponder, or ask a friend—just do it!
Spaying will 100% prevent your pets from developing:

Ovarian cancer
Uterine cancer
Uterine infections
Uterine torsion and uterine prolapsed
False pregnancies
Difficult pregnancies
Cystic endometrial hyperplasia
Chronic endometritis
Cystic ovaries and hyperestrogenism
And it will greatly reduce the chance of your pet developing:
Vaginal hyperplasia and prolapse
Transmissible venereal sarcoma
Skin conditions
Cervical cancer
Breast cancer

Dogs and cats that are neutered live an average of 40% longer than dogs and cats that aren’t neutered. Statistically, male neutered dogs and cats are just plain healthier. Many of the conditions that develop in unaltered dogs and cats significantly shorten their life span.
Neutering greatly decreases or completely eliminates certain health problems such as:

Testicular cancer 100%
Testicular torsion100%
Rectal cancer
Benign prostatic hyperplasia
Prostatic abscess
Prostatic cancer
Epididymitis (infection of the epididymis)100%
Perineal hernia (abdominal organs bulging out of rectum)
Inguinal hernia with potential organ strangulation
Perianal gland adenomas
Orchitis (infection of the testicles)100%
Venereal tumors
Acute or chronic prostatitis

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