Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467


Frequently Asked Questions…………

Pet Transportation ~ Ground & Air


Where and When?

Every Day our 2 Vans will be showing up at High Kill Shelters to “Pull” great Dogs & Cats scheduled to be euthanized ~ and transport them to arranged Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters with available space.   We will be saving 100’s of Dogs & Cats every week from “Death’s Door” to “Safe Havens” where they will be cared for until finding permanent, new, loving homes. Each one trusts & believes in we humans.  Lets honor that Trust and be more like them showing unconditional Love constantly.


Our transport services are provided to any pre-screened rescue or shelter group, where dogs & cats are in dire straights and could lose their life only because they are in a crowded shelter that can’t keep them and will euthanize them if not ‘pulled’.  We have Shelters that have limited budgets and need food to feed their dogs & cats, so we can help deliver food to keep them from ‘killing’ their dogs and cats.


We are here to take phone calls about dogs & cats in emergency situations and if we can we will get to them and help.  We have a huge database and connections to thousands of Rescues & Shelters that we can reach out to help us.  We take emergency calls 24/7 ~ 7 days/week.  We’re here to serve and save.


Our goal is to be part of the solution to diminish and eradicate the need to kill any healthy dog or cat due to overcrowding in every Shelter in this country.  Until then we will work tirelessly to be part of the solution in saving as many dogs and cats as we can.


It is pure evil that we are killing 7,000 – 11,000 dogs & cats in over crowded shelters EVERY day, nationwide.  No more!


We rely 100% on donations from Pet Lovers like yourself.  Please help us help them!



What do you charge for transport?
We do not charge our rescue/shelter partners for our services.

We rely on donations and grants from the public.  We hope you will support us every month.
In exchange for our free service, we ask that your organization spread the word about our service, mention us in your social media posts, and list Save A Rescue as a partner or supporter on your website.
If we are transporting an animal directly to an adopter, we require a donation of $100 from the animal’s adopter. Please help us continue our live-saving transports by informing your adopters of this policy.
Our objective is to get all of the animals safely to their delivery locations and into the hands of the receiver as soon as is possible.
The dogs & cats are kept very comfortable, with heat and a/c if needed.  We regularly check each dog and or cat to make sure they are doing OK.  If needed we will absolutely take care of any dog/cat in discomfort or distress.

Our transport team remain with the loaded van until all animals are delivered.


Like you, we want each dog and cat to be as comfortable physically and emotionally as possible.  We will line each crate with a blanket, soft toy, and water.  Our van is heated and air conditioned for their comfort.   Their comfort and safety is of utmost importance to us.