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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

On January 15, 2018, Posted by , With 1 Comment

SaveARescue.org coordinated numerous saves post Hurricane Harvey, including deploying boats from a Marina nearby to rescue almost 140 Cats and Dogs abandoned on a small piece of land with rising waters. Safely rescued all. We coordinated transporting over 150+ Dogs & Cats from “High Kill” Shelters to make room to “In-Take” Dogs & Cats stranded on roof tops, etc. We shipped 42,000 lbs [21 tons] of Cat & Dog Food to 8 small Rescues to feed the hundreds of cats, turned feral, abandoned and left to fend for themselves homeless, and still out there in empty neighborhoods. SaveARescue.org continued to help any dog or cat in need long after everyone had left the areas that Hurricane Harvey devastated. We are proud of the extended Rescues & Shelter personnel that we created relationships with and continue to work with every day to help any dog or cat in need. We went on to coordinate rescuing pets after Hurricane Irma in the SouthEast and airlifted pets from Puerto Rico to the mainland to be re-united with their owners who were airlifted on commercial airlines and not allowed to leave with their pets.

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  1. Marjorie Richmond says:

    What a god given organization,there are still some people who treasure animal lives.
    I have rescued many over the last fourty years and saw them all to thier end with love and lots of it.i never understand people who abuse and maime any creature domestic or wild.

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