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March 6, 2019, …by Bev Gun-Munro


#10  Lots of Pure Breeds & Pure Blends:  All Ages, Grateful & Many Well Behaved

Puppies are a lot of work, especially when it comes to potty training. Adult dogs are already housebroken, and on top of that they often know tricks like “sit,” “stay” and “fetch.” Most likely the puppy antics will have subsided, so chewing, biting, and sharp claws are under control. Plus, adult dogs are the ones in greatest need of a home. Often shelters will let you take the dog out for a walk, or even for a day trip to find so you can see the dogs true personality.


#9:   Adult Rescues Characteristics are More Evident vs. Unknown Puppy Future Characteristics

Dogs that come to shelters are taken care of by qualified staff, they receive vet care and are given shots, spayed and neutered, as well as given any medication if necessary. Veterinarians are often close to the rescue to take care of any medical concerns or anything else that may arise. Dogs from shelters tend to be a lot healthier to begin with.


#8:   Less Expensive

Adoption fees from shelters tend to be a lot less than puppies from breeders and pet stores. On top of that, vet bills tend to be a lot less since the dogs are taken care of by a vet at the shelter.


#7:   Expert Assessments Done & Free Advise from Pet Experts

With more than 4,000+ Shelters & 22,000+ Dog & Cat Rescues that represents, including 8,000+ Pure Breed Rescue representing more than 210 Breeds, whatever you desire can be found nationwide and often near you.

Whatever Breed resonates with you, SaveARescue has rescuers that specialize in your favorite breed.

Bonus:  Rescuers & Foster parents have evaluated and can share with you the personalities they have discovered about the rescued dog/cat, and Shelters often have unbiased information about the pet for you as well.


#6:  You Are Contributing to Reducing the Overpopulation

More than 7 million wonderful Dogs & Cats are turned into Shelters annually, nationwide, for a variety of reasons, Shelters are overcrowded and thousands of wonderful dogs & cats are euthanized every day due only to lack of space.

By adopting, you’re not only giving a homeless pet a second chance at finding their forever home, but you’re also opening up space for another animal to come in, and a better chance of not being euthanized until someone adopts him or her… and into their future forever family.


#5: The Benefits & Gratitude Outweigh Anything You Can Imagine

The ROI you will get from rescuing a dog or cat will astound you.  Neighbors, friends and pet lovers will applaud you every day they discover you rescued a pet from certain euthanasia.  You will receive unconditional love from the dog or cat you save who often know how close to death they were before you came along and gave them a 2nd chance.

The mental and physical improvement in your life will be an added bonus.  Research shows that our dogs and cats provide endless benefits when it comes to our health. They can give a sense of fulfillment and ignite a newfound passion larger than we can imagine as an incredible and positive addition to your life.


#4:   Thousands to Choose from ~ Puppies, Young, Adults & Seasoned!

More often than not, dogs at pet stores and breeders are almost always puppies. With a rescue dog, you can choose from an adult dog, a puppy or a senior for what fits your lifestyle the best.  In the hectic technology life many of us live in now an adult/senior dog is a bonus over the long term training needed for puppies.



#3:   You Become Part of the Fastest Growing Community Of Rescuers

Most people who adopt later become volunteers at their local animal shelters. You’ll find an amazing community of people who love their pets and are enthusiastic about you and your four-legged friend.



#2:   You Will Inspire Others

There are endless pets waiting in shelters to find a home. By sharing things about your new friend and the rewarding process of adopting a dog or cat is.

Actions speak louder than words ~ You will inspire & illuminate others to get out and find a companion of their own.


And the #1 Reason to Adopt/Rescue a Dog or Cat?


#1:  “Every Pet’s Life Is As Valuable & Is As Important To Them

          ………As Your Life Is To You”    

……..Bev Gun-Munro


Tens of Thousands of Dogs & Cats in Shelters right now are in need of a 2nd chance and a need to be part of a ‘pack’, even if its just a pack of two.

These dogs & cats can sense ‘death’ that is happening every day in Shelters;  the magnified ‘fear’ that is being felt every minute for other Pets in the Shelter and elevating the ‘fear level’ for all the pets under the same roof.  They are confused, scared, not feeling safe or loved and are desperate to find emotional and physical safety.  Finding their place in an established ‘pack’ is a priority within their species.  They need you mpe more than ever.