Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

What We Do

What Save A Rescue Does


We are the “Central Registry” and #1 largest Dog and Cat Adoptable, Rescues & Shelters Search Directory, offering the largest resources of available dogs & cats to adopt via our listings of over 22,000+ Dog & Cat Rescues, Shelters & Animal Control listings.  We are the only “All-In-One” Search Directory listing 18 Pet Service Categories of information to help passionate pet people find everything they need for any dog or cat.


We are dedicated to reducing the unnecessary euthanasia of 7,000 – 11,000 dogs and cats every day  in our overcrowded shelters.  We list ALL low cost Spay & Neuter clinics around the country and educate the public of the importance to spay and neuter ~ a major solution to the overpopulated Shelters.


We are set up with the Only “Hotline”/911 for Dog & Cat Emergencies, throughout the USA & Canada.


We coordinate rescuing Dogs & Cats in the aftermath of Natural Disasters and will be partnering with the American Red Cross in coordinating rescuing animals in all future Natural Disasters.


We are working with a National Senior Assisted Living Corporation, with over 300 facilities nationwide, to place Sr. Dogs & Cats in Shelters in their facilities.


We are fund raising to purchase eight [8] Vans to be strategically placed in densely populated urban areas around the country where “High Kill” Shelters are at a maximum to re-locate Dogs & Cats to safe havens, “No Kill” Shelters and Rescues.  FYI:  California has 179 Shelters, only 23 are “No Kill”.  We are “On The Road To No Kill” to make All of California be a “No Kill State” and set an example for others to follow.


One of our main interests and concerns is to be a continuing, every day, solution to saving more dogs & cats from “Death’s Door” in overcrowded “High Kill” Shelters that are being euthanized due to lack of space.   It is our belief and researched via successful transportation programs happening on the East Coast, to acquire a Van to create a transportation project between Shelters & Rescues to “Pull” and move as many as possible from these “High Kill” Shelters to “No Kill” Shelters, Rescues and Sanctuaries where they can be cared for until permanent new adoptions can be made.


We are also working ‘underground’ to save the breeding female dogs scheduled for slaughter in puppy mills when they no longer are an asset to the puppy mill breeding program, especially in light of government Bills being passed to prevent the sale of puppies in pet retail stores unless the dogs are from Shelters.


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