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Eye On The Sparrow

We started of as a very small group, and planned to stay that way. Eye on the Sparrow was started specifically to help the less adoptable dogs, the dogs that never make it into rescue because of their age, handicap, and overall condition. Rescues have a tight budget, and as everyone knows-any kind of medical care is expensive. We started gradually, but, amazingly, we have been blessed with some amazing and truly wonderful people that have brought so much to the rescue. Some people can foster, some transport, others groom, advertise, have great networking, train dogs, volunteer to walk and socialize, set up events…it has been so much more than we ever imagined!! We are growing, despite our plans, and we love it. We can always use more help, especially fosters, and foster homes for big dogs, and those undergoing heartworm treatments, recovering from surgeries, or need an extra dose of TLC. We welcome the diversity that we each can bring to the rescue. Please, give us a call!! HIS eye is on the sparrow, and HE watches over me.

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