Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Our “Team”

Board of Directors:

Beverly Gun-Munro,    Sandra Carter,    Diane Slater,   Carol Hastings

Bev G-M & ‘Pickle’
Amelia N.
Beesea & DeZo
Meagan M.
Erica C.
Alyssa B. & Jax
Kayla D.
Stacey & Angel
Dimitry & Rada
Hannah L.
Brianna R.
Joshua K.
Liz B. & ‘Humphrey’
Mary P.
Colin C. & ‘Chi’
Mamie S. & ‘Boo’
Nancy S. & ‘PinkNose’
Sheryar A.
John R.
Camilla K.
Kayla D.
Lynne and “Rocco”
Amber D.
Laura, Barbie & Raider
Dianne H.
Brandon S & ‘Atca’
Erin H.
Cynthia & ‘Sunday’
Casey D.
Bernice P. & ‘Mimi’ & ‘Toby’
Alexandra M. & ‘S’More’
Shelby Y. & ‘Niko’ the Ferret
Malathi S.
Alex K. & ‘Geronim’o
Nancy L.
Sarah E.
Lani M. & ‘Hendrix’
Arisara S.
Andrea D. & ‘Benji’
Iman J.
Liane Y. & ‘Cricket’
Mackenzie M.
Suzanne B.
Shazia Z.
Michelle G.
Louann & ‘Dory’
Julia G.
Rushil V.
Jessicca R ‘Willow’ & ‘Zoe’
Charles G.
Sheila H-O
Luu N. & ‘Daisy’
Glenn L. with ‘Kodak’, ‘Peter’ & ‘Wendy’
Carolyn M. & ‘Casey’
Chris & ‘Sara’
Hagar I. & ‘Bekatsha’
Tynesha P. & ‘Tychus’
Lynn T.
Michelle T. & ‘Maggie’
Sally F. & ‘Layla’
Anne Marie & ‘Kiera’
Kaylee P.
Laura M. & ‘Vinny’
P. D.
Laura A. & ‘Kall’
Josh H.
Carlos L.
Jennifer F. & ‘Flo’
Jean ‘Davidson’ & ‘Merlin’
Fawn D.
Mary R.
Lauren D. & ‘Rowlf’
Amie W.
Camille L. & ‘Nalu’
Trey K.
Tiffany Ly
Sandra C. & ‘Foxy’
Carol H.
Adina L.


Our Mission……….

To be the public’s petfinder and adoptapet resource search directory and APP….available to help and aid any pet lover with resources and aid for any dog or cat in any kind of life-threatening emergency, from abandonment and/or browse all our adoptable dogs and cats we list nationwide and ready for forever homes to be rescued and adopted.

SaveARescue offers the largest listings of dogs and cats, your #1 petfinder, adoptapet, all paws solution for the public at large. 

Staff here at SaveARescue arePet Rescue & Pet Industry experts and we’ve discovered a couple ‘missing links’ in the rescue arena that we are filling in.  All the dumped, abandoned dogs and cats out there not on our radar until they come across someone’s property or are seen by a pet caring person who Googles us, our Toll Free “Hotline” phone number, basically the “911” for dog & cat emergencies serving the entire country including Canada and we can find immediate resources to help ‘save’ the situation.  We are averaging 35-50 ‘saves’/day.

SaveARescue is the ‘glue’ binding all Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters together and providing a ‘live’ help, the 1st of it’s kind.     We are the 1st and only outreach of it’s kind very much needed by pet lovers to find help, aid, support and immediate resources for Dogs & Cats in life-threatening and assorted emergencies around the country.  Our website & soon to be APP has the largest listings [22,000+] of Dog & Cat Rescues/Shelters & Animal Control personnel along with 18 Pet Service Search Directory listings, not only for the public at large but our resource center where we partner and find solutions for all pet and pet owner needs, not available anywhere else.   Our outreach and commitment to partner and work closely with all Dog & Cat Rescues has made us #1 as the Central Registry and “Hub/Voice” supporting all Dog & Cat Rescues nationwide and throughout Canada.  Our center is responsible now for saving 10-45 Dogs & Cats daily, more than 1,000+/month and we are also documenting and discovering huge gaps in the rescue arena that easily can create 1,000’s more Dogs & Cats finding forever homes monthly, thereby contributing to reducing the need to euthanize 5,500 – 11,000 Dogs & Cats, every day, in our overcrowded Shelters nationwide.

We rally together other Rescues, Shelters, pet professionals and passionate volunteers in the area where once informed, pet rescue personnel become willing participants to “Save The Day” and help in whatever manner they can provide assistance to and for and create immediate solutions that will create safe havens for dogs & cats in life threatening situations.

As well….

a]  we coordinate rescuing Dogs & Cats in the aftermath of Natural Disasters and will be partnering with the American Red Cross in coordinating rescuing animals in all future Natural Disasters.

b]  We are working with a National Senior Assisted Living Corporation, with over 300 facilities nationwide, to place Sr. Dogs & Cats in Shelters in their facilities.

c]  We are fund raising to purchase eight [8] Vans to be strategically placed in densely populated urban areas around the country where “High Kill” Shelters are at a maximum to re-locate Dogs & Cats to safe havens, “No Kill” Shelters and Rescues.

d]  SaveARescue.org is also working ‘underground’ to save the breeding female dogs scheduled for slaughter in puppy mills when they no longer are an asset to the puppy mill breeding program, especially in light of government Bills being passed to prevent the sale of puppies in pet retail stores unless the dogs are from Shelters.

SaveARescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization, a 501 [c] 3.


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