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Our “Team” – Save a Rescue

Our “Team”

Board of Directors:

Beverly Gun-Munro, Sandra Carter, Diane Slater, Carol Hastings,


Bev G-M & ‘Pickle’

Amelia N.

            Carol H.
Tiffany Ly
Sandra C. &’Foxy’
Dianne H.

Lynne H. & ‘Rocco’

Camille L. & ‘Nalu’

Amie W.

Lauren D. & ‘Rowlf’

Mary R.

Fawn D.

Jean S. & ‘Davidson’ & ‘Merlin’

Jennifer F. & ‘Flo’

Carlos L.

Josh H.

Laura A. & ‘Kall’

Prangon D.

Laura M. & ‘Vinny’

Kaylee P.

Anne Marie & ‘Kiera’

Sally F. & ‘Layla’

Michelle T. & ‘Maggie’

Lynn T.

Tynesha P. & ‘Tychus’

Hagar I. & ‘Bekatsha’

Liz B. & ‘Humphrey’

Chris & ‘Sara’

Carolyn M. & ‘Casey’

Glenn L. with ‘Kodak’, ‘Peter’ & ‘Wendy’

Luu N. & ‘Daisy’

Sheila H-O

Charles G.

Jessicca R. with ‘Willow’ & ‘Zoe’

Rushil V.

Julia G.

Louann & ‘Dory’

Michelle G.

Shazia Z.

Suzanne B.

Mackenzie M.

Liane Y. & ‘Cricket’

Iman J.

Andrea D. & ‘Benji’

Arisara S.

Lani M. & ‘Hendrix’

Sarah E.

Brianna R.
            Nancy L. Alex K. & ‘Geronim’o            Malathi S.
Shelby Y. & ‘Niko’ the Ferret Alexandra M. & ‘S’More’ Bernice P. & ‘Mimi’ & ‘Toby’ Casey D.
Cynthia & ‘Sunday’ Erin H. Joshua K. Liz B. & ‘Humphrey’
Mary P. Brandon S & ‘Atca’ Colin C. & ‘Chi’ Mamie S. &  ‘Boo’
Nancy S. & ‘PinkNose’       Sheryar A.           John R.


Trey K.                        Kayla D.                  Amanda P & “Abby”

Amber D.





Our Mission……….

To be a successful channel & source in the “Rescue Arena’ focused on eradicating the need to euthanize 7,000 – 11,000 Dogs & Cats, every day, in our overcrowded Shelters nationwide.

SaveARescue has been developed to be “The Hub”, a “911/Call In Center”. where immediate “Live” help, 24/7, is there for anyone, any Rescue, any Shelter can reach us for help and aid.  Our impressive and massive database of more than 18,000+ Rescues and Shelter listings, and over 100,000+ Pet Service resources can be utilized immediately.

We rally together other Rescues, Shelters, pet professionals and passionate volunteers in the area where once informed, pet rescue personnel become willing participants to “Save The Day” and help in whatever manner they can provide assistance to and for and create immediate solutions that will create safe havens for dogs & cats in life threatening situations.

As well….

a]  To freely “Market & Brand” all Dog & Cat Rescues by listing them, with all their pertinent information so interested Pet Lovers can discover just how many Rescues are in their area.

b]  To educate pet lovers nationwide the importance of Spay & Neutering ~ the #1 best solution to the over population of dogs & cats.

c]  To continue to provide the public with the most up-to-date listings of all Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters so they can discover, adopt, volunteer, foster and support Rescues and Shelters in their community, they may not be aware of before discovering all that is available to them in their comfort zone geographically.

d] Through the luxury of our computes and hand held devices [smart phones] we bring all the available dogs & cats in their area that they can browse and find an interest in, hopefully to adopt and give a safe, warm and loving home to for the rest of the pet’s natural life..

e]  SaveARescue personnel has discovered that we can make a ‘marked, improved difference’ in many lives of great dogs & cats who are in peril of being euthanized in overcrowded shelters by obtaining a Van so we can transport dogs & cats from these over crowded “High Kill” Shelters, from “High Kill” Shelters to “No Kill Shelters,  Rescues and Safe Havens.  With one van we will be able to save more than 1,000+ dogs & cats/month.

f]  By listing 18+ Pet Service Categories our website not only provides a much needed Service but brings more awareness to the importance of Adopting Dogs & Cats.

SaveARescue, Inc. is a non-profit organization, a 501 [c] 3.

SaveARescue is the only website that lists all the Animal Controls in the country, and we are the ONLY pet website that is “Live” ~ 24/7 ~ to listen, help and find solutions for emergency dog & cat rescues day or night, anywhere and for any reason.   Since launching this website in August of 2015 we have helped save more than 1,400 Dogs and Cats and counting!

But what we are most proud of is our uniqueness as a website with a heart beat.  We are a proud and passionate group of more than 50 unpaid Volunteers, working viraly around the country to make a difference one dog or cat at a time.

We have three projects we are working to create to make even more of a positive impact.

[1]  Fund raise to acquire 2 Vans that can ‘pull’ dogs & cats from over crowded “High Kill”  Shelters and move them to Rescues & Shelters with room to spare.

[2]  To become a Voice for the Rescue & Shelter organizations via all forms of Media.

[3]  To educate and create more opportunities to get more Dogs & Cats Spayed & Neutered.

We know that Spaying & Neutering is the #1 best solution to this horrible over-abundance of unwanted dogs & cats.

It is our pleasure and pride and a constant daily goal to continue bringing you the best information on “Everything Dogs & Cats”, with our #1 focus always on the “Shining The Light on…Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters.

We all know that it takes ‘A Village’ to create Success.  We hope you will join us.  Donate here on our website.  100% of your donation will be used to save more dogs & cats.   Find a Dog or Cat Rescue in your community and donate your time, love and caring nature.


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