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SaveARescue is a 501c3 organization dedicated to reduction of euthanasia of shelter dogs & cats and the puppy mill industry that ‘fuel’ and supply retail pet stores with puppies, teaching staff to say these puppies come from “reputable breeders” [aka:  puppy mills]. SaveARescue promotes adoption of rescue animals and supporting all the Rescue organizations throughout the USA & Canada.


The objective of our rescue efforts are to help any dog or cat in immediate need of help;  connect pet lovers to reputable Rescues & Shelters in their communities or with pure breed rescues of their choice;  to support and donate to spaying and neutering owners dogs & cats vs. turning them into Shelters;  to find, coordinate and get as many stranded and dumped dogs and cats into safe havens every day;  to facilitate Trap and Release of feral cats ~ getting them spayed/neutered to prevent reproduction, and so many other issues that our “Hotline” callers share and reach out for help with.   


We are a group of unpaid Volunteers working tirelessly to help any Dog or Cat in need.


We are set up with the Only “Hotline”/911 for Dog & Cat Emergencies, throughout the USA & Canada.


This website & our APP [SaveARescue] offer the largest listings of available dogs & cats to adopt via our listings of over 22,000+ Dog & Cat Rescues, Shelters & Animal Control listings.  We are the only “All-In-One” Search Directory listing 18 Pet Service Categories of information as well.



SaveARescue.org has been developed to be “The Hub” and Help Center for all the 16,000+ Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters in our database by dedicating ourselves every day to help them be more successful at saving more dogs and cats in their area and helping them create successful adoptions  via our expertise in Marketing and Branding in a number of ways.  We developed this website to be the Marketing Department for every Dog or Cat Rescue that needs support and help, whether it is via our contests that garner significant amounts of Pet Food that help off-set their financial overhead to operate their Rescue, take their phone calls in times of Emergency Rescue needs with our developed “911/Call In Center” available 24/7, our help coordinate life saving rescues by reaching out to our database of resources in their area that can join them in times of need, SaveARescue.org is here with our dozens of unpaid Volunteers who have decades of experience and expertise to lend in any situation.  Our impressive and massive database of not only all the Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters, but our massive data resources of Pet Services covering every category of the Pet arena, including Veterinarians, Emergency 24/7 vet clinics, Boarding Kennels, Groomers, Trainers, and other Pet expert services who’s people are willing to team up and help in any emergency situation once informed and asked by us to join forces and lend a hand in any existing pet emergency that can help save dogs and cats so reliant on us for survival, safety, love and protection.


One of our main interests and concerns is to be a continuing, every day, solution to saving more dogs & cats from “Death’s Door” in overcrowded “High Kill” Shelters that are being euthanized due to lack of space.   It is our belief and researched via successful transportation programs happening on the East Coast, to acquire a Van to create a transportation project between Shelters & Rescues to “Pull” and move as many as possible from these “High Kill” Shelters to “No Kill” Shelters, Rescues and Sanctuaries where they can be cared for until permanent new adoptions can be made.


To date SaveARescue has been able to have helped and teamed up with other Rescue efforts to save more than 6,000+ dogs and cats.


Educating the importance of Spaying & Neutering is a high priority for SaveARescue.   We list all the Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinics to help the under-served in their communities.


We are now raising funds to acquire our 1st Van that will launch life saving solutions every day throughout Southern California, where their are way too many “High Kill” Shelters.  FYI:  California has 179 Shelters, only 23 are “No Kill”.  We are “On The Road To No Kill” to make All of California be a “No Kill State” and set an example for others to follow.


24/7 ~ ‘911’  ~ Emergency Dog & Rescue Saves


                 Transporting From “High Kill” Shelters to “No Kill” Shelters,
Rescues & Safe Havens



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Spay and Neuter1

Educating & Funding Spay & Neutering

We are dedicated to reducing the unnecessary euthanasia of 7,000 – 11,000 dogs and cats every day  in our overcrowded shelters.


We list ALL low cost Spay & Neuter clinics around the country and educate the public of the importance to spay and neuter ~ a major solution to the overpopulated Shelters.



Rescuing, Fostering, Volunteering, Adoptions  

“Shining The Light on” All Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters, Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics, etc.


Our website lists up to 125,000 Adoptable Dogs & Cats and our sources update in “Real Time” the newest adoptees and delete Dogs & Cats that have found their forever homes.  So browse our website and discover all the wonderful pets in your community that are in need of finding a new ‘pack’ leader.


Our Founder is a Dog Behavioral expert and developed a great “Dog Quiz” for those interested in committing to adopting a Rescue.  Discover the best ‘fit’ and type of dog with the characteristics that will be suit your lifestyle today.


In love with a particular Breed?  Great!  Discover just how many Pure Breed Rescue Organizations rescue the breed you have a passion for.  We list over 8,000+ Pure Breed Rescues.  35% of all dogs relinquished into Shelters are Pure Breeds ~ looking to be loved again by someone like yourself.


  • 22,000+ Rescue Organizations & Shelters Nationwide & Canada
  • 8,000+ Pure Breed Dog Rescue Organizations
  • 100,000+ Adoptable Dogs and Cats to browse on our websitge & APP, all looking to be adopted.
  • 3,800+ Animal Controls listed
  • 100,000+ Pet Services, in 18 Categories, including Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinics, Emergency Vets, Animal Controls, etc.


“From Rescued to Rescuer”

FromRescuedToRescuerWe are the “Central Registry” and #1 largest Dog & Cat Adoptable, Rescues & Shelters Search Directory listings.  We are the only “All-In-One” Website & APP listing more than 18 Categories of Pet Services as well, all to help passionate pet people find everything they need for any dog or cat.





Save A Rescue ~ operated by Unpaid Volunteers, nationwide




 Our Board Members

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