Our Mission

SaveARescue’s Mission is Twofold

#1: To Serve, partner with and coordinate more ‘Saves’ every day by making ourselves available and the “Hub & Center” representing all 22,000+ Dog & Cat Rescues, Shelters and Animal Services.

By reaching out to pet service experts from our Pet Services listings here and on our APP we find, inform and enlist immediate support, solutions, from the pet caring public & professionals that creates results in Saving More, Doing More and Being More. We create dozens of action based solutions and ‘saves’ nationwide daily!

#2: SaveARescue created, tested and made available a 24/7 “HOTLINE” &”CHAT” line giving the public a much needed Service & Resource to reach out to ~ to report animal cruelty and create immediate solutions for any Dog or Cat in any life-threatening, suffering, neglected situation. Our Hotline is proving that Abandonments & ‘Dumpings’ equal or are even greater than the Dogs/Cats relinquished to Shelters.

“911-like” Dog & Cat Call Center “Hotline” & “Chat Line” Service

#2: SaveARescue received more than 25,000+ Calls in a short period of time & has saved more than 7,000+ Cats/Dogs nationwide.

*Due to the overwhelming response we have been forced to temporarily place the “Hotline” on hold [voicemail only] until we can be properly funded to properly offering this much needed Service to the pet caring public.

A dedicated for Dogs & Cats ~ 24/7 Toll-Free “Hotline” & “Chat Line”.

You’re your signature to our petition link below will help us save 1,000’s more Cats & Dogs monthly.