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Who We Are!

: SaveARescue is different than any other website in that you can reach someone for help with a pet 24/7.   We make ourselves available to help ~ the only known pet website, and APP, that is here for anyone who needs immediate help for their pet.  Owning a pet is ’emotional’ and we are just like anyone out there that cares about the life of their pet or any pet in need, and this website was built to be the ‘center, hub’ Resource, 911, nationwide.  We have received over 20,000 calls and saved over 7,000+ Dogs and Cats in a very short space of time.  We are now reaching out to get financial support so we can make this service known to the public and be in a position to help do more, be more, save more.  We know with financial support we can save thousands, yes thousands, more every month.  The abandoned, dumped, locked away in empty buildings and homes, left out in the frigid winter elements without shelter, or dumped in our deserts, swamps, everglades, rural and urban streets of Ameria.  Our documented calls is giving evidence and proof that the abandonment & dumping could well equal or exceed the # of Dogs & Cats turned into Shelters [6 million/annuallyk].  SaveARescue is the ONLY free resource service offering help.

:  We Serve, partner with and coordinate Saves Every day from our database representing more than 22,000+ Dog & Cat Rescues Nationwide, including Canada.

:  We are ‘live’ and help anyone reaching out to SaveARescue to report, get help, advice, resources or support to save any Cat or Dog in any kind of life-threatening emergency.

:  We are the 1st responders for Dogs & Cats in need.

:  This website, and our free APP, lists more Dog & Cat Rescues than any other website

:  SaveARescue is the only “All-In-One” Search Directory listing the most Dog & Cat Rescues, their adoptables and Pet Services in 18 Categories.

:  SaveARescue lists all the 24/7 Emergency Vet Clinics ~ especially in need in after hours when a pet owner is desperate to find help for a pet in a life-threatening situation.

:  SaveARescue holds month long contests giving away thousands of lbs. and dollars worth of quality pet food to Rescues & Shelters, yes….shipped free!

:  SaveARescue was created to partner with and help the ‘low hanging fruit on the tree’ in the Rescue/Shelter arenas.  85-90% of all the rescuing going on in this country are from the ‘mum & pops’ who are pulling and saving dogs and cats from their local, high kill, Shelters.  These folks are the most deserving of and in need of our support, aid and help vs. the large Non-Profit rescues that spend millions on advertising and very little of their donations and grants ever goes to saving Dogs and Cats.  We are here to support the gals and guys ‘in the trenches’ every day, max’d out with the number of saves they take on, and are in need of the most and best support available to them.  SaveARescue is here for them.



SaveARescue is a 501 [c] 3 non-profit organization, totally operated by unpaid Volunteers donating their time every day to serve, partner with the over 22,000+ Dog & Cat Rescues, Shelters & Animal Services nationwide & Canada.  We list all their adoptables, we play “Robin Hood” and donate tons of quality Pet Food, shipped free, no strings attached and totally free to Rescues everywhere.  We host month long ‘contests’ giving away these tons of pet foods and products.  We host a “Hotline” for the pet caring public to reach out to us for resources, aid, support and help with any Dog or Cat in a life-threatening situation, anywhere, anytime, any how.  We help connect people seeking to rescue, adopt, foster, volunteer to Rescues in their communities they weren’t aware of and want to help and/or adopt from.  We are the “voice” for all the Rescues & Shelters and create ‘villages’ to “Shine the Light” on them, to help them be more successful ~ as its all part of the ‘wheel of life’ for these wonderful pets in need.

We are dedicated to reduction of euthanasia of shelter dogs & cats and the puppy mill industry that ‘fuel’ and supply retail pet stores with puppies, teaching staff to say these puppies come from “reputable breeders” [aka:  puppy mills].   

Our most important project that we head and is the 1st time ever available service is our “Hotline” that will help save thousands more Dogs & Cats every month.  Since we launched it, without any fan fare or marketing, we’ve received more than 20,000+ phone calls and have been able to coordinate and save more than 7,000+ Cats & Dogs in a very short span of time.  We have now launched a “Petition” for signatures that we will be taking to Washington to get a dedicated government funded “911” Hotline, toll free, for reporting any animal abuse, abandonment, dumping, hit by vehicles and in immediate need of help, dogs & cats left out in the elements without shelter that will kill them, etc.  ~ SaveARescue is now the ‘1st responders’ to create immediate life-saving action to get any and all pets to safe havens and in loving hands. 

We have documented for the 1st time ever, via our “Hotline”  the abandoned, abused, neglected, dumped, locked away alone in empty buildings & homes, left to die slow deaths in our deserts, swamps and everglades, or tied without shelter to suffer day and night exposure to the unsustainable winter elements.    We believe the number of Dogs & Cats in these situatuions likely equals or out numbers the 6 million turned into Shelters annually. 

SaveARescue is now the ‘hub’ and saving  30-60 dogs and cats every day.  Through our donations and grants we pay for the initial Vet exams for the pets hit on our roads and highways, still alive and left to die, but good Samaritans have called us for advice and we pay to get the pet to the nearest Vet Clinic immediately.  All that matters is to ‘save’ the dog/cat & we pay the initial expenses and create resources that will take care of the pet financially and in fostering until it can find a new and loving home.   

                       Our motto is “Every Living thing’s Life is Important to It as Our life is to Us”. 


SaveARescue promotes low cost spay & neutering, adopting and rescuing, saving and partnering with All Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters.  Together we can save thousands more a month.  


“Hotline” ~ 911 for Dogs & Cats in Life-Threatening Situations

SaveARescue’s “Hotline”/911 is the 1st & Only Resource & “1st Responder” Resource for anyone to reach out to us, 24/7, for all Dog & Cat Emergencies, throughout the USA & Canada.

Please sign our Petition so we cant get a dedicated, government funded, “Hotline” that will be able to handle the # of calls we know we’ll get once the Pet Caring Publice discovers this Life-Saving Pet Resource available to All.

We tested our National, Toll Free, “Hotline” and in a short 18 months received more than 22,000+ call-ins and were able to save more than 7,000+ Dogs & Cats from death’s door.  We have now launched a petition to launch a government funded 911 “Hotline” dedicated for Dogs & Cats in life-threatening situations and taking it to Washington, D.C., to implement.  We feel the operational overhead will cost tax payers less than 5 cents annually from their submitted federal taxes.  Well worth it!  You can find our petition on www.Care2.com, our partners.  We hope you will sign and forward this petition to every dog and cat enthusiast out there.  This is the 1st time every a “Hotline” will be implemented and an ‘action based’ resource for all the abandoned, abused, neglected, hit on the highways and our streets and left alive to die slowly, or chained outdoors in unsustainable weather elements, locked alone in empty buildings and homes to die slow deaths or worse yet dumped in rural America, on our urban streets, in the everglades for the snakes & alligators or to die slowly in our deserts.  We know you will join us to offer this life-saving center and resource that will save thousands more Dogs & Cats monthly around our country.  Thank you.


Serving & Representing 22,000+ Dog & Cat Rescues, Shelters & Pet Services    


This website & our APP [SaveARescue] offer the largest listings of available dogs & cats to adopt via our listings of over 22,000+ Dog & Cat Rescues, Shelters & Animal Control listings.  We are the only “All-In-One” Search Directory listing 18 Pet Service Categories of information as well.


“Shining The Light on” All Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters, Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics, etc.

SaveARescue.org has been developed to be “The Hub” and Help Center for all the 22,000+ Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters in our database by dedicating ourselves every day to help them be more successful at saving more dogs and cats in their area and helping them create successful adoptions  via our expertise in Marketing and Branding in a number of ways.

We developed this website to be the Marketing Department for every Dog or Cat Rescue that needs support and help, whether it is via our contests that garner significant amounts of Pet Food that help off-set their financial overhead to operate their Rescue, take their phone calls in times of Emergency Rescue needs with our developed “911/Call In Center” available 24/7, our help coordinate life saving rescues by reaching out to our database of resources in their area that can join them in times of need, SaveARescue.org is here with our dozens of unpaid Volunteers who have decades of experience and expertise to lend in any situation.  Our impressive and massive database of not only all the Dog & Cat Rescues & Shelters, but our massive data resources of Pet Services covering every category of the Pet arena, including Veterinarians, Emergency 24/7 vet clinics, Boarding Kennels, Groomers, Trainers, and other Pet expert services who’s people are willing to team up and help in any emergency situation once informed and asked by us to join forces and lend a hand in any existing pet emergency that can help save dogs and cats so reliant on us for survival, safety, love and protection.

To date SaveARescue has been able to have helped and teamed up with other Rescue efforts to save more than 10,000+ Dogs and Cats.


Educating the importance of Spaying & Neutering is a high priority for SaveARescue.

We list all the Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinics to help the under-served in their communities.



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Educating & Funding Spay & Neutering

We are dedicated to reducing the unnecessary euthanasia of 7,000 – 11,000 dogs and cats every day  in our overcrowded shelters.  Educating to inform people that Dogs & Cats feel, are sensitive to the same weather elements we are and deserve to live in safe havens and are as worthy to live a life of comfort as any living thing is so important.

We list ALL low cost Spay & Neuter clinics around the country and educate the public of the importance to spay and neuter ~ a major solution to the overpopulated Shelters.



Transporting, Initial Vet Exams, Rescuing, Fostering, Volunteering, Adoptions  

Every call-in regarding a Dog or Cat hit by a vehicle, injured, alone and still alive ~ SaveARescue coordinates getting it to a Vet Clinic asap and paying for any initial Vet Exam while finding Rescues in the area that will partner with us for on-going care and costs of recovery for the pet.  We work with organizations State wide that offer Veterinarian financial support.

Our website lists up to 110,000 Adoptable Dogs & Cats and our sources update in “Real Time” the newest adoptees and delete Dogs & Cats that have found their forever homes.  So browse our website and discover all the wonderful pets in your community that are in need of finding a new ‘pack’ leader.

Our Founder is a Dog Behavioral expert and developed a great “Dog Quiz” for those interested in committing to adopting a Rescue.  Discover the best ‘fit’ and type of dog with the characteristics that will be suit your lifestyle today.

Our Founder has been in the Pet Industry for decades as is one of our Board Members and together we organize sending tons of free quality pet food to the smaller rescues to relieve them of some of the personal financial burdens they endure with little support or marketing expertise to get donations and grants.  This helps them succeed and we become part of the “Wheel of Life” for any Dog or Cat that we are made aware of, can coordinate and help.  We serve the 80% of the rescuing done throughout this country by the ‘mum and pops’ out there in their communities in dire need of every facet of support SaveARescue can help them with to continue their ‘in the trenches’ dedicated efforts.

In love with a particular Breed?  Great!  Discover just how many Pure Breed Rescue Organizations rescue the breed you have a passion for.  We list over 8,000+ Pure Breed Rescues.  35% of all dogs relinquished into Shelters are Pure Breeds ~ looking to be loved again by someone like yourself.


  • 22,000+ Rescue Organizations & Shelters Nationwide & Canada
  • 8,000+ Pure Breed Dog Rescue Organizations
  • 110,000+ Adoptable Dogs and Cats to browse on our website & APP, all looking to be adopted.
  • 3,800+ Animal Controls listed
  • 150,000+ Pet Services, in 18 Categories, including Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinics, Emergency Vets, Animal Controls, etc.

“From Rescued to Rescuer”

FromRescuedToRescuerWe have recruited Search Dogs trained to search and recover.  We only look for dogs in High Kill Shelters that fit the characteristics needed to become Search and Rescue Dogs.  Hence the motto “From Rescued to Rescuer”.  We have worked with Shelters and their personnel nationwide.  





Save A Rescue ~ operated by Unpaid Volunteers, nationwide



                                            Bev Gun-Munro        John Lawton                            Diane Slater                                   Carol Hastings                 Sandra Carter

 Our Board Members

and any given time between 35-90 unpaid Volunteers nationwide.


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