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30 Sympathy Messages for Loss of a Dog, Cat or Pet

Amy Davis & Bev Gun-Munro July 3rd, 2020.

Finding the right words to express the Loss Of A Pet message to share can be hard. You want to get it right and show your support for someone. Sometimes if you don’t have a pet yourself it can be difficult to show empathy. Acknowledge their loss in a sympathy note is a very thoughtful gesture. Losing a pet can create the same level of grief for their owner as losing a family member. Here are some written words that may help you share how you feel.  The best message is to speak with words that resonate from your heart.  

Sympathy Words For Loss Of A Dog/Cat/Pet

  1. I know you miss [pet’s name] dreadfully. I’m thinking about you and sending thoughts and prayers your way.
2. The bond you and [pet’s name] was and continues to be exceptional and special. 3. Losing this ½ of the relationship is incredibly difficult. I am truly sorry for your loss. 4. Our pets never really leave us. They live on in our memories through the love and devotion they gave us. 5. Our beautiful friends have blessed our lives and give us mountains of love. May fond memories of [Pet’s name] bring peace, comfort and solace to you.   You were blessed to share your lives together. 6. To lose a true friend is never straightforward.  Know that you are in our/my thoughts and hearts. 7. In this heartbreaking time, perhaps you could celebrate the life of your beloved friend and remember all the happy memories to help soothe the grief you are feeling. 8.  May fond memories comfort you and bring you peace during this difficult time. 9.  It is difficult to express, admit and bid farewell to such a loving companion. My thoughts are with you. Call me anytime. 10.  Of all the words you have ever used to describe [Pet’s name], there is truly only one that I can think of at this time – Irreplaceable. Wherever, whenever possible try to focus on how blessed you were to have had her/him in your life. 11. May fond memories of your beloved pet stay in your mind and warm your heart always. 12.  I know that it is difficult to express just the right words to ease the pain when such a beautiful pet passes. Try to keep the memories close to your heart and know that I’m keeping you in my thoughts and how I can be here for you. 13.  The deep love you had for each other was and will always be real. The loss of an amazing dog/cat/pet can’t be easy, and I’m always here if you need comforting in this time of grief and pain. 14.  I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of [pet’s name], undoubtedly your best friend. They were a true gifts from above. I am so sorry for your loss and here for you always. 15.  Life is short, and the loss of your [pet’s name] reminds us of how precious time is. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of such a wonderful pet and offer my condolences in your time of need. 16.  Thinking about you and [pet’s name] at this difficult time. If there is anything you need just let me know. 17.  We can never keep our pet’s long enough! You and [pet’s name] are in our thoughts and prayers. [Pet’s name] was lucky to have had his/her life with you. 18.  [Pet’s name] was such a lovely [dog/cat/etc.]. He/she was lucky to have shared their life with you [a family] or: [been paired with you for life]. We/I feel your pain at the loss you are feeling right now. Time will heal the pain and loving memories will stay with you forever. 19.  There will never be another [dog/cat/pet] like him/her. With sincere sympathy and condolences 20.  Life is too short, but [Pet’s name] got to live a fulfilled life with you. I am sorry for your loss, and here for you anytime. Cry till you can’t cry any longer. It shows just how deeply you got to feel and express and receive true “love”. 21.  You were blessed to share your life with a pet so special that makes us care so deeply. 22.  Best friends come in all shapes and sizes. Best friends can two and four legged, and the love you expressed for each other can be as strong as with any partner in life. I’m sorry for your loss. 23. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart is with you in your time of grief and sorrow. I am glad [Pet’s name] lived an adventurous and love-filled life with someone like you. How lucky you two were to have each other. 24.  It is unbelievable how much you can miss a cat or dog isn’t it? Yes we can feel the same heights and depths of true love for a pet as with any two-legged partner/family member. . I’m deeply sorry for your loss. 25.  Cats/Dogs are playful partners and fill our lives with love. Losing them cuts to the heart and is hard. I am so sorry for your loss at this time.    You were both blessed to have each other. 26.  I hope your grieving will eventually bring you solace as you remember the fond memories of your beloved [pet’s name]. 27.  There will never be another cat/dog/pet like [Pet’s name]. You have my sincerest condolences. 28.  I am so sorry for your loss. I know he/she lived an incredible life with you. 29.  It takes a special cat/dog/pet to make us care so deeply. I can only imagine how much she/he will be missed and how deeply the memories you will always carry with you in your heart and mind. You were and are lucky to have loved and been loved so deeply. 30.  I was so deeply sorry to hear about your loss and it has truly come as a surprise to all of us. [Pet’s name] was such an incredible [dog/cat/etc.] and I know how much she/he meant to you. *There is really no correct way to grieve and however, you/they choose to do it can be an emotional struggle for a while.