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Help Save One is a registered, non profit organization that functions as an advocate for dogs who are in danger of being gassed. We believe gassing is a barbaric way to euthanize an innocent animal. You will see it mentioned several times on our website but I want it in big capitals right here as well: IF GASSING IS INHUMANE FOR CHILD MURDERERS AND SERIAL RAPISTS THEN WHY IS IT ACCEPTABLE FOR OUR INNOCENT ANIMALS? The answer is very simple – It is not acceptable and never will be. Help Save One is a non political, humane, and caring organization with volunteers who work regular jobs and then spend countless hours every week into the wee hours of morning promoting these dogs. We work on pulling the dogs of North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. We are not opposed to pulling from other shelters but please note though that we can not always accommodate every request. I can make you a promise that we will always try to help. Our main focus are dogs in high kill, gassing shelters. They languish in rural shelters with very little help. There are volunteers at these shelters that work tirelessly but they are overwhelmed and outnumbered by the sheer numbers. Why should these dogs be overlooked? Why do they need to wait to die while we work to get laws changed? We work very hard to change the way things are at a state and local level but is the answer to let beautiful dogs die a horrible death while us humans work on the specifics? We have also recently began working closely with shelters that pull from puppy mills. The horrors that both the puppies and adults in these situations face is beyond horrible, and they deserve as much attention as the dogs being gassed. We have turned our attention to these dogs, as well as those being gassed. Of course everything we do is just a band aid on a much larger issue – we need to educate and demand that each state have spay/neuter laws. Each person who adopts needs to start looking at their dog as their companion, child, and YOU are their protector. A dog is not to be dumped when you get pregnant, move, or get tired of them. These loyal creatures would give their life for you – we need to do right by them. Of course we all feel bad for these dogs but pet ownership is a huge responsibility. These dogs deserve the best and a forever home is the goal. I have no doubt people will step up for these dogs in need. I am always amazed at the people who go through great lengths to save these dogs.

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