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National Rescue Project

8700 36th Street SE Jamestown ND 58402 United States
8700 36th Street SE Jamestown North Dakota 58401 US

What is National Rescue Project? Simply put it is an animal rescue unlike any other in the world. The way that the world treats animals is a very complex, very sad, and frankly does not show humanity in any light let alone a good light.
National Rescue Project is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization who operates both as a rescue for almost every kind of animal in existence, and also operates as a trademark or a national representative for a quality of behavior, and a quality of expectations in the care that is offered and maintained to animals in need.
National Rescue Project does not work with any organization it deems to be less than honorable with good genuine actions towards the welfare and care of animals.
We will freely offer advise to people who we recommend and who we recommend avoiding.
National Rescue Project works with breeders to do responsible placements and to help find homes for the animals they no longer wish to keep in order to keep them out of the breeder auctions. Many organizations take the fight to the door of breeders to prevent them form breeding animals, this is not our fight and whereas we do not condone breeding for money or gain, we do not get in the fight of who?s right and who is wrong as long as they keep healthy animals and do not abuse them in any way.
We verify organizations and their members for healthy morals and scruples, and yes operating a non-profit can at time be an employed position we do not believe that people should exploit animals for excessive financial growth. Some rescues play games and shame other organizations in efforts to gain glory or donations. If we find that an organization involves itself in such shameful actions we will not associate with that organization and further recommend that people not affiliate with that organization. After many years of rescue this is a lesson that has caused the most problem, and the most heartache.
National Recue Project saves the lives of animals of all species, breeds, age and genders. We do not target the young animals, the ?money makers? leaving behind the mothers, old animals, the problem animals, or the ones who are misunderstood. Real rescues do not place the adoption fee above the long-term investments that are going to be needed to save the lives of one animal.
Where as most rescues operate on ?We do it for the animals? whereas this may be true, an animal rescue is at the end of the day a business. If there is no money to pay the bills that the business closes and animals eventually pay the price with their lives.

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