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#1  Mixed breed dogs are healthier than purebred dogs.


 #2  Puppies should be kept in the Litter till they are at least 8 weeks old.


Puppies need to stay with their mother and littermates to learn inter-active social skills.  As a pack animal they learn the ‘pecking order’ very important later when they partner with you/your family.

 #3:  All Dogs like to be petted on their heads.


Many dogs feel threatened with  a hand approaching from above.   It is always safer to bring your hand low, towards and underneath their nose slowly, and let the dog 1st investigate and smell you.

*Female Dogs do not Like to be ‘slapped’ as a form of petting.  Males are more accepting, but stroking is much more appreciated than ‘slapping’. 


 #4:  Dogs will let you know when they are sick.



It’s a survival instinct to hide their illnesses so as not to appear vulnerable to larger prey.

 #5:  Only male dogs lift their legs to urinate.


 Some female dogs, especially dominant females have been known to leave their mark by urinating like their male counterparts.

#6:  A wagging tail means the dog is happy and friendly.

FALSEWagging Tail

Often times a ‘tail wag’ is an indication that the dog is nervous and anxious, which can lead to quick reactions to protect itself that may include a sudden lunge at you or in extreme cases a bite attack.  Never assume that a wagging tail is a confirmation of a relaxed, happy dog.

 #7:  You can teach an old dog new tricks.


 #8:  Dogs are color blind.


 #9:  A cold wet nose is an indicator of good health.



#10.  You should rub your dog’s nose in their indoor bathroom mistakes.