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20 Great Questions to “Ask” Before You Foster a Cat!

Here are some interesting questions you will want to think about and ask to any Rescue/Shelter before you sign up to foster. Of course you can expect to fill out their application form as well. Some of these questions they understandably will not have an answer for, but good to for you to get as much information as possible.

Cat Questions

1. How did the cat come into their possession and when [OK, so this may be 2 questions!!].
2. Why is it in need of being fostered now?
3. What medical issues or medication is needed, if any?
4. Is the Cat neutered or spayed, or scheduled if needed?
5. Is this cat up to date with it’s vaccinations and has it been tested for diseases such as FELV and FIV?
6. How long should I keep this kitty separated from my own pets in case of unknown upper respitory infection possibilities?
7. Any behavioral issues noticed or concerns I should be informed of? If so, have you discovered how to deal with any issues?
8. Do you know if this Cat is good with kids, other cats, dogs and/or strangers?
[a] Can my children or pets meet him before I commit to fostering him?
9. Do you know how this Cat does when left alone?
10. Has this Cat shown they are litter box trained?

Fostering Process Questions

1. Would you like me/us to Foster until a permanent home is found? If and do you have any idea how long your Rescue generally takes to find a forever home?
2. What happens if I can no longer care for the Cat?
3. Who pays for medical bills if/when they arise? Does that include treatments for my pets if they catch something from my foster cat?
4. How am I expected, or do you help with any medical emergencies that may occur?
5. How do you, or myself, handle potential adopters, screen them and introduce them to this Cat, and will you come to my home with any potential forever adopter?
6. Will I be required to bring this Cat to adoption events and, if so, where/when and how often do you hold Cat Adoption events?
7. Will you provide food, litter, supplies (such as a litter box), medications, etc., or will I be expected to?
8. If I have a problem, whom can I contact? If I leave a message, how quickly will someone from your Rescue get back to me?
9. Could my foster Cat be deemed unadoptable and, if so, what happens then?
10. Can I adopt him/her if I choose? Foster Failure ~ !!

Even the best-prepared foster parent should expect the unexpected. But it’s so worth it.

You are our Hero for wanting to Foster and support a local Rescue in saving more, doing more and being more for unwanted Cats.

The Save A Rescue “Team”!