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Spaying and neutering is a great step to providing great care for your dog. Not only does this help with overpopulation problem in animal shelters but also saves the lives of countless animals. Here are some advantages of spaying and neutering your pets:

  • Spaying can help your female dog from suffering serious health problems. One of the most common and dangerous diseases that is responsible for the death of 50% female dogs is breast cancer. You can prevent this by spaying your pet before it experiences the first heat.
  • Neutering a male dog prevents it from suffering testicular cancer which is another serious disease among male dogs. It is highly important that you neuter your male dog and the right age for neutering depends upon the dog’s breed. You can always consult a vet to get that clear.
  • Un-spayed female dogs, after about six months of age go into heat for two or three weeks at a time and usually twice a year. This period of time can actually become troublesome as your dog will be howling and urinating within the house and attracting un-neutered male dogs within the smelling distance.
  • Neutering a male dog will also make it to behave well. You neutered male dog will show less aggressive behavior.

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