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What to Feed A Sick Dog

Safe & Healing Vegetables/Herbs for Your Dog

Here are some vegetables/herbs and oils that can really help your dog feel better from itchy skin to common ailments like stomach upsets and arthritic aches & pains. Moderation is key here.

If you change even 30% of your dog’s current diet ~ it’s going to have a profound impact on their overall health.


Pure pumpkin [not canned] ~ great for diarrhea and constipation ~ firms stool.


“Mushroom ~ good for diarrhea ~ but NEVER feed mushrooms from your yard or woods many of these varieties can be toxic. Safe mushrooms are in your grocery stores: i.e. ~ portobello, white, cremini and shiitake. Only a piece or two at first and then in moderation.


Cucumbers ~ are mostly water, so very hydrating. Good for stomach upset and signs of dehydration.
A good snack to feed a sick dog when wanting to get some nutrition in them.

Herbs & Oils

A sprinkling of herbs can be a great additive when feeding a sick dog.
If you are feeding your dog dry kibble a little nutritional boost is a good idea.

Rosemary for Dogs ~ is an anti-inflammatory herb and helpful in treating arthritis.

Parsley for Dogs ~ great for dogs with skin issues

Mint for Dogs ~ Calming effect and good for heartburn and ulcers.

Turmeric for Dogs ~ A powerful anti-inflammatory for dogs that are stiff and achy. Do NOT feed to dogs with digestive issues, irritable bowel syndrome and/or with gut issues.

Coconut Oil for Dogs ~ Antifungal treatment for skin conditions. Add to their diet.


Oregano Oil for Dogs ~ Must be diluted with Coconut [or another] Oil if you choose Oregano Oil. Commonly also used to treat infections and skin conditions.