5040 Barnard St Simi Valley CA 93063 United States
5040 Barnard St Simi Valley California 93063 US

We have been doing hands-on rescue for more than twenty-five years!? Wow–time flies!? Rescuing any breed of dog becomes very time consuming and very expensive.? It also takes a toll on your emotions and puts a burden on your entire family–not to mention friends.? We drive a 1978 Ford van–why?? Because of the amount of money we have spent on rescue dogs and rescue work.? That was our decision; we have so many happy memories of Malamutes that went on to live long, happy years with wonderful families, so we have no real regrets.?We have slowed down a little–we no longer haunt the animal shelters to find abandoned Malamutes.? That does not mean we will no longer help a breed we love–it means that we are asking breeders to be responsible for their own, asking owners to do the work of placing their own dogs, and asking those who love these dogs as much as we do, to begin their own involvement in saving dogs from shelters or offering their homes for foster care.? In other words, we are sharing the work and responsibility.? We still take them, rehabilitate and place Malamutes.

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