Palatine IL 60074 United States
Palatine Illinois 60074 US

PON Rescue and Adoption is an effort by those who love this breed to take care of the PON that falls on hard times. While not many PONs find themselves in trouble, there are still enough to warrant our efforts. A PON can find its way to rescue or adoption in various ways. The most common path is the family who decides that they can no longer keep the dog. Frequently these dogs are good dogs that have been ignored but not neglected or abused. With a loving owner and some obedience training, these dogs become excellent pets. When a prospective owner calls PON Rescue and Adoption, we interview them to determine what they want from a dog. The interviewer will ask about the prospective owner’s experience with dogs and about the household environment. No dog will be placed if the placement does not benefit both the new owner and the dog. Charges for a rescue or adoption dog can vary, but are usually less than the price of a puppy in an effort to cover the expenses for travel and shipping, veterinary care, etc. A donation is greatly appreciated to offset the costs of the next PON that may need to be re-homed. Your PON Rescue and Adoption contact will assist you with finding an obedience school. PON Rescue and Adoption will also help if you have any questions regarding your PONs health or behavior. Adoption/Rescue Process If you are interested in rescuing or adopting a PON, please fill out the form below and tell us something about yourself. Your answers to this application will help us find the best possible match between you and a Polish Lowland Sheepdog. The more we know, the better we are able to make each adoption successful.

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