Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Cat-Tales Rescue

We started to spay/neuter the strays that came to our backdoor for food in fall of 2002. We cared for that first mom and her 3 kittens, they were feral so we released them and continue to care for them. We then spay/neutered all the feral and stray cats that came to our yard for food. All were vaccinated (in order to have a fighting chance in a world). We then, without searching, rescued a mom and her 7 kittens that next fall. We then started to work with a friend and use Petfinder to try to find homes for all of them, we did. Since then we’ve taken off, with at least 2-3 rescued litters/year. The volume of requests seems to grow each year. We have no grant money. Since the start, we’ve paid for everything out of our own pockets [spay/neuter, vaccines, health care of cats of over 4 strangers we’ve met (a total of over 25 cats total there], let alone the cats we take in and rescue/adopt out). There never seems to be a shortage of cats in need.

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