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Dog Star Pit Bull Rescue

6205 Richmond Drive, Rowlett, TX 75089, USA
6205 Richmond Dr Rowlett TX 75089

Dog Star is a new small pit bull rescue serving the Dallas area. Most of our team have been rescueing dogs for many years. This past winter we turned in our paperwork to become a 501c3. We rescue because there is not enough help out there for our furry friends. Our board members all have several dogs at home plus the fosters that we keep. We tend to rescue dogs that have been abused and neglected. When you look into the eyes of that dog that’s been thrown out of a moving car, had chemicals poured on it’s back, or been beaten with a baseball bat and all you see is love in their eyes, you will see the reason why we rescue. We also want to help the public understand the myths of this misunderstood breed and teach proper dog ownership.

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