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Healing Paws

Prairieville, LA 70769, USA
PO Box 684 Prairieville LA 70769 United States

Who Are We? Healing Paws is a group of individuals who firmly support and believe in furthering the human-animal bond. We believe that all animals have the basic right to proper veterinary care, safety, and above all, quality of life. We also strongly believe that all animals not used for breeding should be spayed or neutered to reduce the large number of animals that overpopulate shelters, leading to huge numbers of animals euthanized every year. Healing Paws believes that pets are an integral part of the world and how we view it. A significant link has been made between a person’s bond with an animal and their success in life. It is a studied and proven fact that the presence of animals in hospitals reduces stress, heart rate and improves the overall time for healing. Prison dog programs across the country are experiencing a 0% recidivism rate! People who own pets live an average of 5 years longer than those who do not own pets. Healing Paws feels it is our mission to encourage this human-animal bond by offering animal assistance programs to the community such as, but not limited to, reading programs for children, animal visitation to those residing in various care facilities, and educational programs to the community. We also strongly believe in working with other rescue organizations. We all have a common goal which is to save the lives of animals! Why “Healing Paws”? The name Healing Paws was born out of a desire to help the hurting. There are so many hurting animals in the world that need a champion for their cause. These animals didn’t ask to be here. It is our job to see that they have some quality of life. There are as many or more hurting people in the world. The elderly that have been left in nursing homes with no one to visit them, children who grow up in circumstances where they will never know what true, unconditional love is, people who spend most of their lives in and out of hospitals due to chronic illnesses, men and women who are in prison because they grew up knowing only lives of crime and violence…All of these groups need the healing touch that sometimes only animals can give. There are countless stories ofanimals changing a person’s life, whether rehabilitating a career criminal into someone who realizes there are others that depend on him, or just being a shoulder to cry on when we’re having a bad day. Animals can be part of the fabric of joy that is woven into everyone’s lives.

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