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P.O. Box 720008 San Diego CA 92172 United States
P.O. Box 720008 San Diego California 92129 US

It?s The Pits is a 501c3 canine rescue that coordinates the fostering and adoption of dogs that haven?t found their permanent home. We specialize in American Staffordshire Terriers (?Am Staffs?) and American Pit Bull Terriers, but will do our best to help all breeds, often by referral to other local rescues that specialize in that type of dog. You can find many of these on our links page. We are located in San Diego County, as our many of our foster homes that we work with to give the animals a temporary and loving home before they are placed into permanent situations. We rescue dogs from various shelters, evaluate them, ensure they are healthy and match them with the appropriate family. We take pride in finding the correct dog for the families that contact us by matching the activity level of the dog to the family?s needs and making sure that other pets in the family work well with the new addition to the pack. All of this is important in finding forever homes for our rescued pets.

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