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Call : (888) 440-6467

Kitty Devore Rescue Network

873 West 21st Street, San Pedro, CA 90731, USA
873 W 21st Street San Pedro CA 90731

WHO WE ARE: ~Saving the cats of Devore shelter, one kitty at a time. No friendly left behind.~ Kitty Devore Network is a non profit group comprised of dedicated volunteer rescue workers devoted to the networking, rescuing, rehabilitating, and re homing of the cats and kittens currently housed within Devore Shelter in the city of Muscoy in San Bernardino county, California. Each day, we work diligently to coordinate rescue efforts designed to save the cats and kittens unfortunate enough to be admitted into the Devore shelter. Through the use of social networking, we work to gain exposure for each of them as a means of recruiting foster families who can care for them temporarily until a more permanent home can be found or adopters who can commit to providing them with the life long and loving home they each deserve. Our rescue efforts don’t end when a cat is safely liberated from the shelter. Oftentimes, it’s only the beginning- but we think they’re worth all the effort to ensure that they have that second chance at a long, happy, and well-loved life. Our kitties truly are special, and we invite you to meet them here on the pages of petfinder. We DO have a kitty that will compliment you and your family and bring you many happy moments and memories, year after year. We sincerely look forward to introducing you to our little ones, and you know what? Our furbabies can’t wait to meet you wonderful humans too. 🙂 New!!!! YOU CAN VISIT OUR NEW WEBPAGE FOR EASIER VIEWING OF OUR FURBABIES! Check it out: http://www.kittydevore.com

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