Many animals, including a large number of Australian Cattle Dogs and Cattle Dog mixes, are given up every year in Fairbanks. Unlike many other breeds, ACDs usually have a more difficult time dealing with the loss of their families. Cattle Dogs are a very particular breed because they bond so closely with their people. When they must be rehomed, they often need a loving, understanding transitional environment, and the new owners may need some extra help knitting these dogs into their families. That’s where Know The Truth And Be Heeler’d Australian Cattle Dog Rescue comes in. We provide another alternative when you must give your heeler away. We are able to work with the dogs in our rescue, training them, reassuring them, and letting them bloom into the wonderful animals that they are, so that they will have a greater chance at finding their forever home. Owners, we can also work with you and help you through training and behavior problems, so that you can keep your most loyal friend in your home.

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