Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue and Humane Education program was developed to save and care for senior dogs relinquished by owners to Southern California area shelters, and to support families struggling to care for their senior dogs due to financial or medical hardships. Additionally, Lionel’s Legacy runs a humane education club at Central Elementary in City Heights, San Diego working with 4th and 5th grade students to discuss global and local environmental, human, and animal issues. Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog rescue is a foster based organization placing senior dogs in hospice care or temporary homes. We’re so blessed to work with families that share our passion and are willing to open up their homes and hearts to care for our special seniors. Each senior is medically assessed and treated by the wonderful veterinarians that we partner with. Some require short term medical attention and others require round the clock care for the remainder of their lives. Some of our hospice dogs are given days, weeks, or months to live but deserve to live their last moments in comfort and surrounded by love. Standard care for all of our seniors includes blood work, urinalysis, anti-inflammatory treatments for arthritis and pain, and dental work. Many of our adopters and fosters come to us looking for a companion and specifically seek out older dogs for their slower pace of life. One of our long term goals is to grow our “Seniors for Seniors” program matching senior humans looking for some companionship with senior dogs needing a second chance. Much like fostering, this program matches a senior dog with a senior human who may not be able to afford the costs associated with pet ownership but would greatly benefit from long term or permanent canine companionship. Each senior dog also benefits from this program receiving medical care, love, and a second chance at life. All food, supplies, medical, and transportation are provided by Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue. The bond formed between humans and canines provides many added physical, mental and emotional benefits saving two lives instead of just one!

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