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MTGRR is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, care, evaluation and placement of abandoned or unwanted golden retrievers. In addition, our mission is to promote the understanding, appreciation, and care of canines among the general public, through education about responsible pet ownership. Finally, we endeavor to raise awareness regarding the extraordinary unwanted pet population, and do our part to decrease it. MTGRR has successfully placed over 1,000 Golden Retrievers into forever homes since its inception, and currently saves almost 200 dogs per year. MTGRR was formed in 1998 and obtained its 501(c)(3) status in 2000. Most dogs we take into the rescue are pulled from municipal animal control shelters or are surrendered by their owners. Rescued dogs are fostered in the private residences of our volunteers, which enables us to evaluate each dog and identify the optimal home environment, thus increasing the likelihood of permanent placement. Our adoption policies ensure that dogs we place do not contribute to the population of unwanted dogs. We spay/neuter every dog before it is placed in its forever home; adoption applicants are screened through a questionnaire and in-person interview process; dogs are fully vetted and tagged with the rescueâs identification; and we will take any dog back into the rescue that doesnât work out, no matter how long the adopted family has had the dog. MTGRR operates solely on adoption fees and donations. We maintain a strict budget and 100% of all donations are reserved for veterinary care for our rescues. Our volunteers are passionate about the cause and routinely spend personal funds to cover incidental expenses such as mileage, dog food, routine maintenance medications, paper supplies, etc. that are needed in the rescue process, in order to reserve the limited funds to pay our veterinary bills. The Golden Retriever is routinely in AKCâs top five ranking of the most popular dogs in America. Consequently, Goldens and Golden mixes represent a disproportionate number of pure breed homeless dogs.

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