47137 Ohio 26, Woodsfield, OH 43793, USA
47137 sr. 26 Woodsfield Ohio 43793 United States

monroe county dog pound is a county run org. we are unlike other counties dog pounds . Our goal is to find the perfect home for our kids . Sometimes they come to us with traing problems. it takes months to correct damage. retraing people is sometimes the issue.I work relentlessly to find new orgs that have a high adoptin rate. to provde them with our kids. we work at home on the wekends we raise money for gas to send them to allentown Penns. we meet another county run fac. they adopt out our kids .I also send to a canadian rescue.I have been here 12 years I changed it from 95% kill shelter to 5% owner request euthanzantin only. to continue to do my work and educate other wardens to be like us is my goal in life ,we also need to build a shelter. I also confiscate abused animals of all species.

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