PO Box 151 Bristol NH 03222 United States
PO Box 151 Bristol New Hampshire 03222 US

We are a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of Shih Tzu who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, unwanted or have owners unable to care for them. We provide them with a loving and safe environment as well as medical care. In addition, we match them with responsible owners who will provide proper love, care, and a forever home. We also seek to promote responsible dog ownership by educating and creating public awareness of the breed and issues such as, but not limited to, dog/owner behavior, spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm preventatives, regular vet care, good nutrition, and regular grooming. Although we focus on the Shih Tzu breed, we care about all dogs and may have the opportunity to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home other companion dogs in need.

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